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Important Information (Disclaimer)
True Talkz* is a mobile phone price comparison website - The offers shown on this website are from reputable online contract mobile phone dealers in the UK, and are believed to be correct at time of writing.

Although my best effort is made to ensure that the information on True Talkz* is up-to-date, the offers change on a regular basis - which may mean that certain offers end, but remain displayed as valid on the database. If in such an instance you find an offer to have ended, please send me an email via the
Contact Me
page, and I will rectify the problem as soon as possible.

True Talkz* will not be held responsible for losses that are incurred due to errors or innaccuracies found on this website, nor will True Talkz* be held responsible in the instance of discontinued or invalidated cashback claims.

Please Note: The dealers found on this website each have their own terms and conditions in regards to sales. Please ensure to read all details on the dealers website prior to making a purchase.

*True Talkz - Consists of truetalkz.co.uk ; truetalkz.com ; true-talkz.co.uk ; true-talkz.com

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